How to get started?

We will do our best to make your project look the way you want and even better.

You have an idea for a new project, but you do not know how to get started? Or do you already have an existing solution? – That’s not a problem. We are ready to give you a hand. Here is a detailed possible scenario of beginning for our collaboration. Talking more detailed about particularly your case, it might differ, but the plan is pretty standard anyway.

We have an on-hand experience of improving and beginning projects and definitely can implement yours. We develop the process, identify and eliminate weaknesses, deliver the work using the best possible technologies.


1.New digital project

We’ll get started by discussing your idea, making business analysis, and looking for the technical solution to fit your project the best way possible. All it takes to get started is to get in touch with us.

If we talk in more detail about the stages, then the work begins with analysis and research. The duration of this period usually depends on the size of the digital project. The larger and more complex the project is, the more time spent on research and business analysis. It is a stage of defining the must-have functional and what would be nice-to-have. The next step is prototyping – it helps to optimize UX by optimizing the understanding of user behavior and thinking through the user path. Then we start polishing the UX and working on the UI specifically for the needs of your project. The most time-consuming step is development; it connects HTML layout, front-end, and back-end development. Last but not least, the final stages are testing (QA) and support.

Some extensive and long term projects are done gradually with the development of MVP. We deliver the must-have features, and then they start to perform. After the MVP, we test how the project functions in real action and decide what else is needed. As a result of the sprints, we continuously add functionality to an existing project.

2.Existing business

When it comes to the improvements of an existing digital business, we start our research from it. After we know all the details about the way you work, all the pros and cons, only after that we will be able to offer you new options for upgrades. So let us know if your business needs to take a step forward, and together we will see it reaches new heights.

Working on an existing and already performing project begins with the discussion. Koroka Solution’s goal is to understand what you want to change and what results you want to see at the finish line. Then we start the business analysis and research; we find weak points, vulnerabilities, things that can be improved in your project and offer solutions. In some cases, for obtaining the necessary results, the best option would be to optimize the time and start from the beginning. We want to find the most profitable and successful model for improving your digital business.

After prototyping, during which we optimize the UX and think out the user path, we finalize it and develop the UI. The stage of development comes into realization – it is the most time-consuming one. It includes an HTML layout, front-end, and back-end development. Last but not least, the final stages are testing (QA) and support.

3.Existing business

Salesforce is the platform that can take your business to a significantly new level – everything will become convenient in digital. It is a voluminous CRM, and taking into account all the tools, it can be a meaningful vehicle for the development of your company.

To get the most out of the platform using all the necessary functionality, you need an advanced setting with knowledge of the details. Koroka Solutions’ work depends on the project: it can be customisation of the platform, full development, or CRM administration itself. Apart from these, we can also integrate and connect additional Salesforce tools for your business.

The tools are intended for different purposes. If you need to connect a lot of data from two or more various businesses in one place, you need a MuleSoft integration. Your business is searching for a marketing solution – then Marketing Cloud or Pardot is the right choice (depends on the type of business you owe: B2B or B2C). Another great tool for e-commerce businesses is Commerce Cloud (B2B or B2C) – maximises conversion rates and increases average order value.

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