HubSpot development: What’s new with CMS Hub

The world becomes simpler and develops at the speed of light. Today, each brand can independently engage in the development of its business without a bunch of specialists. So, there are plenty of platforms ready to help you create your online business quickly and efficiently. Let’s talk about one of them. 

HubSpot CMS is a hosting solution aimed to grow your business. The platform is designed to create beautiful websites, blogs, landing pages, lightweight applications, and emails.

Here are five reasons why HubSpot is popular:

Fast, safe, confident

HubSpot provides service security. All processes are protected from outside influences, so your team can focus on developing a working user experience. Because the platform intelligently distributes the global content delivery network (CDN) – it provides a fast page load level no matter where your visitors are.

Developer friendly, flexible for marketers

The platform allows developers to create websites using their preferred tools, technologies, and workflows. This platform will also interest marketers who can create pages and publish content using simple drag-and-drop tools. Templates and modules as building blocks enable developers to create flexible design systems by content creators.

Combining CRM and CMS

HubSpot CMS integrates seamlessly with the CRM system, which allows the company to create personalized advertising websites for its visitors.

Availability of free work

You can start working with the platform for free by subscribing to a free trial term. It is intended for experienced developers.

It turns content marketing into a traffic generator

HubSpot offers brand development features for an unlimited number of users. It allows clients to customize reports to monitor their sales activity. Among others tracking three principal areas of sales: email, calls, and appointments. With the help of the platform, you can control revenue by company progress tracking. These reports allow customers to make small or large changes to their strategy, adapting what they are doing to their progress.


Recently, in April 2020, HubSpot announced a new direction of development called CMS Hub.

According to them, the CMS Hub facilitates the management of the website that allows you to return to the experience you provided to your customers.

Compared to traditional CMS, the updated version helps you monitor the security and performance of your website. It used to be troublesome to scale the website growth and make simple changes without contacting the developer. The updated CMS Hub makes it easy to create and edit content yourself.

How the CMS Hub handles website management?

Let’s look at the updated features available in the CMS Hub Professional & Enterprise and how they make it easy to create a good web interface for your customers.


The main feature of the topic is that you no longer need to contact the developer to adjust any slightest changes. Topics include a set of resources, such as modules, templates, and CSS files that a developer can customize to create a convenient content editing experience for a marketer. Besides standard themes, HubSpot enables your developer to create a custom theme for you. Now you do not have to wait for the end of the work to make adjustments yourself.

Drag & drop page editing

Any change that you need to make to the page requires updating the template for it. Otherwise, they could lead to unwanted changes on the page. The drag-and-drop function allows you to edit the content on any page without affecting another. The changes will only affect the page you need without creating a new template for each iteration.

Multilingual page testing

CMS Hub makes it easy to manage content in multiple languages. This feature allows you to run A/B testing and responsive pages. With the installation of CMS Hub Enterprise, you can also run responsive page tests for any content. You can run machine learning for automated testing, which will allow you to adapt the chosen page for a specific audience.

Dynamic content with HubDB

Thanks to HubDB, you can create web pages that link to the content in your data table. If you change the data on the table, the content displayed on the website also be updates. CMS Hub Professional function is supported by HubSpot CRM and allows you to create personalized content to scale.

Create custom content

This service means providing each visitor with website content specifically designed for him. Providing individual recommendations allows your customers to access premium content. By acquiring membership in the CMS Hub Enterprise, you also can create content adapted for each site visitor. It can be the “My Events” page that you want to show to a specific audience. With CMS Hub Enterprise, you can set up personalized content that will display all the events that one of your customers has subscribed to in your company in the past.

Serverless functions

The extra features of CMS Hub Enterprise help you create powerful web applications, which extend the functionality. You no longer need to manually calculate how a change in traffic can affect your performance and what way is the best to configure the server.

Activity logs

The expansion of the business leads to the need for constant manipulation and updating of your website. As the number of people on the team grows, there is a need to track the website updates. Activity logs at CMS Hub Enterprise let you see what changes are happening on your entire site and who made them. You don’t have to do it manually.

Company domains

As your brand grows, you will need to create several websites. It could involve bringing together a microsite for a specific division or expanding to two areas of business. CMS Hub Enterprise makes it possible to create a brand with two or more brand domains (as needed). A feature is that reports are created for each website. This way, you need not affect multiple systems according to the needs of your website.

HubSpot updates expand your capabilities as a business owner, marketer, SEO specialist, and content manager. The new functionality eliminates the need to resolve issues manually but automates them and saves your time.


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