990 Forms Parser and Search

Application with the list of trustees for non-profit foundations

Client Industry: Non-profit


Form 990 is a United States Internal Revenue Service form that provides information to the government and the public about financial distribution in non-profit organizations. It is often the only source of quality and true-to-date information.

For this project, we built an inclusive application form that allows users to upload CSV-files to search a list of the trustees for each foundation name in the uploaded file. The application includes data from 990 forms, starting from 2015. There are approximately 2,5 million forms parsed and stored. After uploading CSV-files with a list of the foundation the user is interested in, it is possible to download search results. As the data formats for each year differ, information about new 990 form updates can be made on-demand. This solution differs from the existing ones – it has a function that allows seeing contact information from trustees.

Project Goal

To build an application that will show a list of the trustees for non-profit foundations with allowance to upload CSV-files and download search results.

Project Features

990 Forms data from 2015

List of trustees for the selected foundation

CSV-file with the search results can be downloaded

Information update can be made on demand

Approximately 2,5 million forms are parsed and stored

Technologies used

some title, some title, some title, React, Node js
270hours spent
3months spent
4500lines of code

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