Car marketplace. UI/UX development

UI/UX development for a car sales website

Client Industry: Automotive


The client did not have exact requirements for the work, and accordingly, we had almost no references of what was liked and wanted. For this reason, we had to do market research to find the optimal UX deeper than we expected. This research gave an idea of the strengths and weaknesses that were possible. We analyzed competitors to define examples of styling and sketching. The entire UI was done from scratch based on our understanding. At the end of the work, we made the main page with testimonials, catalog and company description, separate catalog, and product page. There were two types of website design prepared – one of them was due to the specifics of the market for reading from right to left.

The most strenuous task was working on the product page in the catalog. It was necessary to arrange and sort a large amount of complex technical information so that it was easy to read and understand.

Project Goal

Complexly perform UI/UX for a car sales website, taking into account market features and requirements.

Project Features

Custom UI/UX design

2 design versions of the website

Short delivery term

Technologies used

55hours spent
1months spent
0lines of code

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