Data search and profiting to a car lending company

Development and customization of data search services

Client Industry: Automotive


The company is a finance lender company specializing exclusively in high-end vehicle financing. The Company used a hand-operated search and process of obtaining data that took a lot of time. Good thing we had an inclusive solution! The client already had an active Salesforce base at the time of the start. We customized and synchronized it with the website to facilitate the work of administrators. So what do we get as a result of work at the end of the project?

We’ve developed robust services that request and collect the necessary data from sources and automatically save it in Salesforce. Each of the services manages and stores the selected information in a separate database. Thanks to these services, the search time has been reduced from a few hours to a few minutes. We’ve provided full automatization of the process and an easy-to-use program. Another great thing is that the program itself can determine if the person is creditworthy or not, only applicable for small loan amounts.

While working on the project, we used various Salesforce tools such as Process Builder, Asynchronous Apex, REST and SOAP requests, and API integration with the third-party services.

Project Goal

To automate and simplify the processes of data search. To minimize the search time to a minimum.

Project Features

Automation of all processes

Reducing search time to a minimum

Customized services for search

Saving Information to Salesforce (PDF/DOC)

Programmed decision making

Technologies used

1350hours spent
7months spent
18500lines of code

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