IBAN Validator for HubSpot

IBAN Validator for HubSpot App Marketplace

Client Industry: Accounting


The application is useful for e-commerce and provides an IBAN validator card indicated on the Company record page. The validator checks the legality of the IBAN property and displays the results. All information from the card is available, and it is possible to verify the personal data. Provides detailed information about the bank account if possible, for example, Bank Name, Bank Code, Bank City, Bank Zip Code, BIC Code.

Project Goal

Build a native-looking IBAN Validator solution for HubSpot CRM

Project Features

Quickly validate IBAN codes

Get additional information based on the IBAN code

IBAN Validator Card shown in the HubSpot UI

Technologies used

Herocu, some title
160hours spent
1months spent
2500lines of code

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