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FYI: Before the start of the project, the Pharmbills Company already had a Salesforce base with employees’ and candidates’ information together with management instruments. Koroka Solutions team had to modify formulas and objects for synchronization before starting to engage in a project.

The need for a specific all-in-one platform appeared because Pharmbills used to use a lot of different HR management tools; thus, operating processes were time-consuming. Our team developed an easy-to-work-with employee portal with transparent information about workers’ personal experience. A lot of features were required to be included in a platform. Despite this, it should be simple to handle from the start. What did we get in the outcome?

Koroka Solutions delivered a personalized platform, where every employee has a personal account with all the information imported from the Salesforce database. Through this account, workers can request vacations, sick leave, and other calendar changes. We created an easy to manage referral program for employees who want to recommend their friends for open vacancies. Availability calendar – for every employee to save time searching for the right person for a task. Another noteworthy feature is time-tracking, which has a lot of meaning behind it. Based on the tracked time, employees can understand their salaries that are updated every day along with vacation days. The customization of working hours and rounding of hours are settled in Salesforce daily too. And the latest improvement is the Org Chart, which displays the company hierarchy. It visualizes every worker’s position and career path, which can be a motivation engine. Our team made the design in such a way that it was easy to understand, even without explanation. Everything is intuitive and accessible in a few clicks.

The only platform employees have to interact with is this Internal Platform. The information and requests are directly sent to the Salesforce database, where they can be easily managed. All management is also done in Salesforce.

Project Goal

To automate interaction processes within the company among managers and employees with an easy-to-use portal and required features.

Project Features

Time tracker

Dashboard with billing statistics

WikiJS integration

Calendar of vacation

Organization structure

Management of the platform from Salesforce

Technologies used

AWS, Salesforce, React, HTML5, Node js

What Our Customers Say

Reuven Kogan, CEOquotes

Effective communication and flexible development process based on our needs

We have been working with Koroka Solutions for the last 10 months. Most of our mutual projects were connected with Salesforce development, but 3 months ago we have started a web project to create a perfect tool for our employees for tracking work time, managing vacations, and checking billing details. We used a lot of tools before to cover all necessary functions for our teams, so this web platform would save money for our company and bring a lot of additional benefits for our employees. I would definitely recommend Koroka team to outsource your development as I find their management of the project very helpful and attentive to our needs and the process of development is transparent and flexible which perfectly works for our company.

Reuven Kogan, CEO

1000hours spent
3months spent
8000lines of code

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