Development of a website

Client Industry: Food Tech


KosherPlease is a website that works like the well-known TripAdvisor, but slightly for other purposes. It provides a list of kosher places worldwide, such as hotels, restaurants, stores, and much more are coming soon. Aimed at getting people to find the right kosher places anywhere in the world. Thanks to the convenient search with features, you can find all the necessary places nearby.

In the beginning, we developed a website with a front-end on ReactJS and a back-end on PostgreSQL. It has a user-friendly UX and an original UI. We added the online reservation tool and filters for the search. We also applied Google integration to search for all places directly. Multi-language options also have been added for ease of use.

Additionally, the company already had a ready-made Salesforce base. Now the Salesforce is synchronized with the website, and all administrative changes required can be added on the Salesforce only. All the administration is managed there too. Furthermore, users can suggest places, and those are sent for verification to be posted or declined later.

Project Goal

To develop a website with optimal user pass and search settings. Google integration and search for places on the map.

Project Features

Custom UI/UX design

Synchronization of the website with Salesforce

Online reservation

Fast search and downloading

Google integration

Multiple language options

Technologies used

React, HTML5, Herocu, Salesforce, some title
800hours spent
3months spent
6000lines of code

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Ukraine office

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2946 Quentin Rd, Brooklyn, NY, 11229