Task-tracking application

A task-tracking program with offline mode

Client Industry: Industrial process fluids


The key goal of this project was to develop an application that would allow set tasks and track their progress. It is a great optimization for business when your employees work remotely from the management that has to make sure all works are done appropriately. Let’s see how it works.

The company’s business is the supply of liquids for equipment lubricating. All workers that use liquids work remotely from their management. So when such a worker comes to the place with equipment, they use the application to see their task-list. At this point comes QR-scanner. The worker can scan an equipment’s barcode and is able to find out if this very equipment requires new liquid.

The worker sends a report after he or she completes the task. The report also has an option to include photos so the supervisor had a clear vision of why that or another task was completed or not. What’s even more important is that each report is e-signed by the worker.

The key challenge of this application was to make it able to work offline because most of the workers can be in places without an internet connection. As long as this functionality was delivered, we had to develop a Conflict Resolution mechanism. This mechanism made sure that reports would not conflict with each other when they (reports) get signed in distributed databases. All reports keep synchronized with the customer’s Salesforce.

The last things to say about the project are that it was developed using a hybrid Cordova framework that allows to use it on Android and iOS systems.

Project Goal

To create a task-tracking application that would be able to work in offline mode and had a conflict resolution mechanism to make data exchange between users and database work correct.

Project Features

Offline working mode

Conflict resolution mechanism

Shifts management system

Advanced complex filter system

e-signature system integration

Downstream and upstream synchronization with SF

Technologies used

Salesforce, Cordova
360hours spent
2months spent
5000lines of code

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