A club sales application

Client Industry: Electrical engineering


We received a request to create mobile and desktop applications that will allow club members of electrical engineering holding to have access to a variety of supplies (to take part in a bonus club program). There were existing solutions for WEB and mobile applications for club members to use. The main problem was that both applications were built with old technologies and without a user-friendly UI. It was not conceivable to reuse program code, so we had to start our development from the very beginning.

The main goals were to build a user-friendly application, make changes visible in any part of it, and provide the tool that makes sure a company wishing to register is capable of doing so and can become a club member.

For the goals described above, we had to redesign UX from scratch. There was lots of work to optimize the user path, to make everything as transparent as possible. The other task was solved by programming a testing system. Long story short, when some company tries to register in the club program, it has to pass the test that confirms the required knowledge and skills to provide the services of electrical engineering deployment. Any company can use the scanning bar/QR code to achieve bonuses/points and get by gifts for them.

Last but not least, the entire application is connected to Salesforce, so there’s a lot of data about a mother company’s production. We had to make the application show the changes inside itself once they were applied.

The work is at the finish line at the moment. After the launch, the mother company will use this application for separate clubs with different business’ specific and change languages based on a region.

Project Goal

To develop a new version of the application using modern technologies and apply new functionality, which was absent in a previous version. To optimize UX and make the application as user-friendly as possible.

Project Features

Hybrid application

Test system

Scanning bar

Bonus system

A SaaS solution for multiple customer's businesses

Technologies used

HTML5, Ionic, Salesforce, some title
600hours spent
3months spent
8600lines of code

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