Remake of a burial services portal for the biggest provider in Israel

Client Industry: Funeral services


Back in the days, Kadisha informational portal was developed in haste. It used 20 years old Oracle database, which was updated every day. Koroka Solution’s task was to create a new version of the web-portal, not only because the recent one was too old, but it was needed to make it adaptive for mobile devices and improve the UX in general.

You cannot even imagine how large and unstructured the database was when we started working. One of the dominant challenges was to make it operate when there is a need to exchange the data with the portal. And even after that, there was lots of work to be done to develop an excellent elastic search. This search makes life much easier for a person who wants to find relatives’ graves among almost all graveyards in Israel.

Koroka Solutions developed the constructor of invitations and an online list of ceremonies presented at the concrete graveyard. We adopted the Jewish calendar to the date picker on the website using Hebcal-js. But one of the key features is a module written on React, which allows users to create their types of tombstones. Users can change their shape, text, and photos.

Project Goal

To help people who lost their relatives or friends find all necessary pieces of information about the process of burial and ceremony planning. To unite all services that are needed for the funeral process in one place.

Project Features

An advanced search engine of deceased people

Constructor of brochures and postcards

Modeling of tombstones in redactor

TV screens for funerals schedule

Admin panel for managing website

Digital accessibility for users with special needs

Technologies used

some title, some title, some title, some title, React, HTML5, Node js

What Our Customers Say

Yossi Weinfeldquotes

Made useful website for one of the biggest burial service provider in Israel

Kadisha is one of the biggest service providers in Israel and they were interested in the total renovation of their old website. The main challenges were to set up a connection with the Oracle database, where the customer collects and manages all personal data of deceased people, and build the elastic search of profiles. I would definitely say that Koroka Solutions team coped with these tasks and put a lot of effort to reflect all visual requests that customer had.

Yossi Weinfeld

3800hours spent
6months spent
40000lines of code

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