A SaaS platform for charity campaigns

Client Industry: Charity


When someone needs to start a charity campaign, in most cases this very person or organization can not afford to create a high-quality website. Sometimes it’s not possible to afford any kind of website. Especially when that’s a non-profitable organization.

So at this point appeared an idea to create a solution for charity programs. And the best option was to create SaaS platform where you could create a campaign, manage the process of raising funds, and anything related to this. For these goals, we’ve developed a constructor of campaigns where the organization can change and set everything needed with a goal to run a campaign the way it’s needed. Besides that, we also integrated IP telephony, integration of PayPal so there’s no need to set it separately, we also helped our customer to save money on AWS servers when deployed everything on hardware. And there’s much more functionality which is available even at this moment.

So that was the first stage, only an MVP. Now we’re moving forward to the stage number two and even more functionality is coming soon.

Project Goal

Develop SaaS platform for providing organizations with an opportunity of creating their own charity campaigns online.

Project Features

Constructor of campaign page

Integration with Paypal and ICredit

Ability to create a teams for campaign

Search of the campaigns

Youtube widget

Hebrew and English versions of website

Technologies used

React, HTML5, Node js

What Our Customers Say

Israel Assoulinequotes

Building perfect platform for non-profit organizations

We planned to set up a perfect website to run charity campaigns with all necessary managing tools for effective promotion. Koroka team started this project from the scratch, they developed the user flows and design based on our references and business requirements. They showed deep involvement during all the stages of the project and provide excellent results of work. I think our collaboration will not end on this project.

Israel Assouline


1400hours spent
4months spent
15000lines of code

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