Salesforce certification as a career boost

If you are looking for a job in IT or require to get additional bonuses to your salary, or even get promoted in a company, receiving a certificate from Salesforce would be an excellent option. Salesforce certificates indicate that person is experienced and confirm a notable attitude toward the position. You can read more about the benefits and reasons to choose this kind of career update below. As a bonus, we have added steps with important information and details about certification and exams that will reveal all the secrets of the process. How this choice will affect your growth in the company in the future, let’s see!


Why you should choose Salesforce Certification & What it is

Salesforce is not only the #1 Customer Relationship Management system but also known for its software and products. Since its founding in 1999, the company sets a high level in the field of cloud technologies and consistently keeps the first lines of the Forbes rankings (e.g. The World’s Most Innovative companies 2018). And of course, gratitude to the rapid growth, the company affects the Technology industry and the labor market, respectively.


Salesforce provides a large number of different services. Understanding all the processes and subtleties, the ability to correctly prioritize is just what you need. The company allows customers to use or customize a standard app or even create their own. For this purpose, the company produced study programs and certificates – there are more than 30 at the moment. Of course, they are not easy to pass, and you first need to devote time to learning. Although many people already have certificates and the chances are great, there are still many who failed the exam. Good, there is an option of exam retaking.

Choosing Salesforce certification, you significantly improve your skills by starting the preparation. This way, you can better optimize efficiency and usage. It also offers the best support in sales automation and related functions with the best order management solution.

Many people mistakenly believe that it takes a lot of coding to get certificates. Working with Salesforce can be much more comprehensible than many people think when starting, especially if there are professionals around to guide you. 


What Salesforce Certification means for your career

The cloud technology market needs high-quality specialists – that is why the certificate is a meaningful advantage. CVs usually look very similar, share the same qualities, and identical skills. Sometimes the only thing recruiters need to see is the certificate to offer an interview. Especially if you have several Salesforce certifications, this will outstandingly increase your popularity in the labor market, and it is likely to find engrossing projects. A distinctive feature of the programs from Salesforce is that they are suitable for software developers, project managers, project designers, architects, sales, and marketing professionals. If you structure your learning steps correctly, you can be successful in any industry. 


More specifically, here are some reasons why you should choose the Salesforce certification: 

  • After passing the exam, you get an in-depth knowledge of the domain. You become well-done prepared for any upcoming challenges in a field with the proper education and much more.  It is especially true for those who already have sufficient background and can combine existing knowledge with the new one.
  • Because you already know how things work, it is easier for you to understand what the companies’ needs are and what you should do to get the best result. Consequently, you get to learn the strategies necessary for solutions. In fact, the Salesforce certification provides you with identifying knowledge on how to work in a company to distinguish its needs and reach the target audience
  • With the right knowledge, you can implement the strategy in the best possible way. With the program, you learn all the little details and the current set of things. You will be able to customize the platform using the full functionality to optimize and increase sales. Higher sales mean more comprehensive benefits for the company.
  • With the certificate and decent experience, you receive more job opportunities than professionals without it. Thus more interview calls and higher chances to get desirable offers. Your chances of getting a job increase geometrically.
  • Certified professionals are in high demand and usually receive larger salaries, especially in such a competitive environment. Every company wants to have a person with practical skills and the ability to make use of them. Employers understand that a certified candidate brings more confidence to the company, so they will be willing to pay bigger salaries for top results and better ROI.
  • One of the best skills a candidate can acquire is analytical ability. You can obtain experience and observation. The certificate gives all the possibilities for the development of the analysis of the situation and possible options.
  • Last but not least, having a certificate (or several) demonstrates to the employer your potential and interest in the result of your work. It also shows your ability to improve skills and dedication.

Certified specialists from Salesforce are considered the best and most suitable for a company of any direction. Not only will you have the chance to use your potential effectively, but also you can come up with your own innovative strategies for the application.  


The process of obtaining a certificate

First, define your field and plans.

Before stepping on the way, you should define your future steps. There is no reason to pursue just any document without understanding how it is going to privilege you. If you already work in a specific field, you probably understand what your next moves are. But if you are new, then maybe it is better to work and practice first. Gain more volunteering hours and work practical experience on the way to building a career. There is no value in a certificate if you have nothing but it.   

Second, choose the certificate and begin preparations.

As said previously, there are more than 30 different Salesforce certifications, which differ in scope and levels. There are both primary and more advanced certificates. Categories range from Consultant and Administrator to Marketer, Developer, and Architect – these key roles include their sub-credentials. That is why it is so foremost in advance to determine the field of activity and move up the career ladder. When making the decision, consider your level of training, interests, and goals. If you want to be more in demand in the market and have a reputation as an expert, they say that it is better to get at least five different certificates in your field. 

Some of the most required and popular certificates include:

Salesforce Administrator Certification Training – is an ideal choice for system administrators, product managers, and IT managers. It provides all the necessary skills and knowledge about the marketing and sales ecosystem, along with managing a wide array of critical functionalities and features of Salesforce and administering sales and service clouds. 

Salesforce App Builder Certification Training – for system administrators and application developers. Represents the mastering program to basics of fundamentals and Salesforce online application development.

Salesforce Platform Developer I (Apex & Visualforce) Certification Training – perfect for product managers, technical architects, IT managers, and app builders. The program includes building applications with Visualforce user interface framework and Apex programming code.

Third, prices and time.

The price for getting certified ranges from $200 to $6,000; for those who failed the first exam, it costs half-price to retake it. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect is the only exam with a $6,000 tag; the other certifications are either $200 or $400. 

The company provides plenty of courses and information for review. For some materials, you would have to pay, and others are free. The most expensive are the instructor-led advanced courses. Online courses can be much cheaper or even free. 

The time to obtain one certificate can vary from 6 weeks to 12 months (depending on experience, type of certification, and time spent per week on preparation). It all depends on you.

Fourth, taking an exam.

Typically, tests are taken at the Kryterion center with which Salesforce has a partnership. Kryterion has testing locations all around the world, and by going to their website, you can find a convenient place. The exam will take place at your chosen time and day. But because of the COVID-19, there are also online options available.


After reading this article, you should already understand what a certificate is and why you might need it. This information is quite enough for a basic understanding of the field and the certification, but to make a decision – you need to weigh all your pros and cons first. It is a genuine advantage if you have worked with or learned cloud computing and programming languages since they are used the most. We heavily insist that you do an additional preliminary search before taking action. With all of this in mind, you will choose the right solution and achieve great success with the cloud-based Salesforce platform. Good luck

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