Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Koroka Solutions will help you boost your online business using one of the most robust tools – Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has tools for both of them.

Commerce Cloud B2C

Taking care of your customers and your own business is the highest priority. To make sure everything works as it should be, Salesforce presents a powerful tool Commerce Cloud B2C. See how your business makes a step to the next level with new features and functionality that makes life easier. And we will make sure it works online just the way it has to.

Commerce Cloud B2B

When you sell many products in large amounts, that probably means that you work in B2B. In B2B, every detail matters, there should be no even a tiny mistake, and that’s why you need a Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B. With this instrument, you can manage almost every aspect of your online commerce from a single place.

Saleforce Integration

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